Baby Elise Update

It’s been a while since my last update on the baby making so here it goes. We are about 10 weeks away from the big day and cannot believe it. This pregnancy has been really hard on Melissa most of the way through and I love her like crazy for having such a good attitude throughout.

The stress has been pretty high sometimes. Mostly when I’ve been with her at the hospital at 4am because she has a massive migraine that will not even respond to Vicodin…spending the night there waiting for the IV medication to kick in and get her out of pain…the relentless needle stabbing from the nurses in the Triage unit who have such a hard time finding a vein that won’t collapse…again.

She has been hospitalized three times to figure this whole migraine thing out and the doctors are stumped. MRIs come back normal and the medication eventually overtakes the pain so it can go away.

In fact, I’m writing this right now in my family room on the couch while she is sleeping in our bed upstairs…trying to get some rest from the constant pain. I rubbed her feet with lotion (as I do most every night) to help her drift off to sleep and crept out of the bedroom the best I could considering the really old and creaky 80 year old wood floors and staircase.

We know this is all worth such an incredible thing that our saying lately has been “This Too Shall Pass”. That is from one of the songs at a church we attended for a while. That song has become our mantra each time she gets a headache.

As for good news…we keep noticing that more things are being purchased from our baby registry, and that makes up for the sleepless nights and stress. It is nice to know that we have friends and family who are out there, shopping for our baby so she has a nice place to come home to once she’s born.

The baby weighs around 3.5 pounds now and is 15 inches long. The doctors say she can hear and see…if you turn a bright light to Melissa’s belly, the baby can sense more light. And if you speak, the baby can hear and respond by kicking or squirming around.

When I came home tonight, I started talking as I sat down next to Melissa, and she said the baby started kicking right away. Normally, babies sleep 20 hours a day before they are born, so I must have caught her on a wake cycle.

This is probably the most personal post I’ve made lately and it kinda feels good to get it off my chest.