Belcorp International, Ltd. is a multi-brand, international corporation that wanted to introduce their brand to the United States. They have over 44 years of experience developing and selling skin care products, fragrance, makeup, body care and hair care through a network of 850,000 independent distributors across the Americas.

Belcorp needed a new website that would establish their premium line of products to a new audience while attracting legions of beauty advisors to spread the word and sell product.

To achieve this goal, Matt led a team that redesigned their primary website, created new interactive tools that promoted L’BEL’s leadership position in the luxury skin care marketplace and produced a new branding and recruitment video.

The new functionalities included a skincare diagnosis tool and commenting engine for product-level ecommerce pages. Refreshing design and usability enhancements were immediately praised by independent beauty advisors on Facebook as “simply awesome!” Many L’BEL fans posted comments like “THANK YOU L’BEL!!” and “LOVE the new website!! Thank you :)”

The new seven-minute recruitment video encouraged viewers to become beauty advisors. Stats showed strong levels of engagement, with over 35% of all website visitors watching the video in its entirety.