Amanda Products

Matt led product design and development of the Amanda Products TrailHammer© line of bumpers and doors. He began by recruiting transportation designers, undertaking competitive research and facilitating 2 days of brainstorming with Amanda Products executives and manufacturing engineers.

The bumpers integrated a variation of Amanda Products’ tow hooks and featured removable end caps, high-power off-road lights, and a compartment that conceals /protects a functioning winch. The protruding shape of the all-steel square tube doors allowed for more interior leg room, a side mirror with integrated spotlight and GoPro mount.

Both products were displayed on the vehicle shown here. They caught the eye of the chief exterior designer of a global off-road brand; he stopped by the booth and said, “Your products are the most out-of-the-box, creative designs in the entire show. I’d like your team to help us with an upcoming concept vehicle.”