Catchin’ Up With Google

This isn’t what you think. For some reason I went to and looked up Hot Water Music. They used to play with my band in college and I just wondered if there was anything “out there.”

Well as the internet naturally leads you from one odd place to another, I thought for old time’s sake I’d put some links to what my college band friends are doing today:

Michael Knapp is a successful freelance illustrator living in NYC. He used to be our singer and rhythm guitarist. His style was more pop-alt, which always proved to be a challenge for Casey and myself since we loved writing odd time signatures and melodies.

Casey Stockdon is playing in a gen-u-wyne honkytonk band called the Gin Palace Jesters. Casey used to be my band’s bass player and, oddly enough, the most progressive when it came to music. He was always way out there and intimate with the latest stuff, and a really talented player, from whom I learned alot about songwriting and phrasing.

Hot Water Music. Chuck and George were the two main players in the band that I spoke with the most although at the time, they did have their current bass player, I just didn’t get to really know him at all. HWM were easily the most driven about their music. Partly because they were already doing it full time while we were all trying to get our degrees. I think they’ve done quite well considering the un-radio-friendliness of their music. That’s not to say that they haven’t evolved, but they’re certainly leaning more to the pop center than they were in the beginning. So far, it seems they’ve released a slew of records and toured like maniacs. I think they even have a page on MTV and iTunes, which is pretty cool.

Since our little band had a rotating drummer slot, I really can’t even begin to list all the guys we’ve played with in the past.

Just for fun, here’s a couple MP3s of some of our songs.

Burning Rain


Worth It All


UPDATE: Jun. 19:

Ellie Walsh is alive! I haven’t spoken to her in over 10 years now but she’s livin the life in Manhattan.