Holly Lives There

Melissa visited her Grandmother yesterday. For some reason, her uncle moved her car out of the driveway and parked it in the street facing north (away from 24 Mile Road). When Melissa and Elise left Grandma’s house, Melissa drove forward and did a quick turnaround in a neighbor’s driveway to head back south toward 24. As soon as she pulled the car into that neighbor’s driveway, Elise said, “This is where your friend Holly Something lives.” (I say “Something” because I can’t remember her last name).

Elise was right. But Holly used to live there when Melissa was 5 years old and she no longer lives there today. Melissa has also never mentioned that name since she was 5 and definitely not in front of Elise. In fact, Melissa had a hard time even remembering a Holly was because it was so long ago.

Freaky? YES!