Is This True?

Someone on the bucketheadland message board posted this intriguing bit of recon from a recent event:

Hey Bots
I was at the Rock Hall of Fame in Cleveland last night for the Les Paul tribute featuring Henry Jeskowitz (sp?) who is the CEO of Gibson USA, and Ace Frehley. During the Q+A, someone asked Henry what the qualifications were for someone to get their own signature model guitar. In a nutshell, he said that most importantly, the guitarst has to be well respected by other guitarists, not necessarily rich, famous, sell lots of records, etc. He said that the next person that is in the works to come out with a Gibson sig is none other than Big B. 
So there you have it. It came from the horses mouth – the CEO of Gibson. He gave no other details (release date, etc). Thought y’all would want to know. 
So I guess the guy who posted here a few weeks ago about seeing B at Gibson in Nashville wasn’t kidding, huh?
Cheers! Steve-O

IF this is true and the price is right, I just might get one.