The Ultimate Cemetary Experience

That is how Joe Joachim, creator of the Vidstonea solar powered tombstone that plays video and audio, describes his invention. He will unveil his creation at the annual funeral directors convention.

“What we’re trying to do is create the ultimate funeral experience,” Joachim said. “Funeral directors are realizing it’s an important service we can offer, and and we’re happy to offer it.”

The solar-powered Vidstone will play a video of the person’s life at the touch of a button. It will not have speakers but a jack to plug in headphones at cemeteries.

Now only if someone could explain to me what the hell their logo is, I would really appreciate it. Get this, they even call it a “Serenity Panel”. OMF’nG.


This story got posted on Slashdot and generated these jokes:

– Hmm…is the feed live from inside the coffin?

– 1. Purchase plot, headstone. 2. Make video of you screaming, clawing at the lid of coffin. 3. ???? 4. Horrify others!

– Wonderful. Now Mom can nag me from the grave.

– if it runs Windoze it will give a whole new meaning to “Blue Screen of Death” when the machine dies.

– It seems to me that there’s a good reason that tombstones are one thing that hasn’t changed much at all with thousands of years of advancing technology. Stone lasts a very long time. Can the same be said of LCD video displays?

– Pimp My Tombstone!

– I call dibs on watching Jenna Jameson’s tombstone!

– Well I know what *I* want on my tombstone. Porn. Imagine the confusion and shame of passerbies getting stiffies in a graveyard. It would delect me from beyond the grave.