Toyota FJ CONQUERS Rubicon Trail!!1!!1!

heh. Well if it were only as easy as writing that headline. Some folks at Toyota decided to run a new FJ Cruiser through the Rubicon trail.

Of course the article caught my eye. Then I read it and found this lovely line neatly tucked in between the cheers:

“We stacked a few rocks along the way, strapped a couple of times and used the high-lift jack once or twice, but the FJ literally walked through the Rubicon.”

Literally walked?

That’s kinda like saying that you beat the land speed record while actually completely burning up the vehicle in the process and killing the driver.

I could just imagine seeing them dragging that sorry thing between boulders that were too close while knocking the side mirrors and fenders off.

I would LOVE to see what it looked like at the end. Trail kisses and all. That thing was probably missing its front end by the time they got done with it. You’d think that Toyota would publish more than this one picture.

Now I’m not saying that no other brands can make it through that trail, but I seriously wonder how much cash this guy got paid to wreck this thing.